Closed 2/12/19

The recreation center is closed so we will not hold groups this evening. Please feel free to join us on Thursday at the same time for a make up session.  

I will be offering a webinar tomorrow afternoon at noon called, Anxious Children: What really helps. You can register here:

New Year!

This week we will not be holding group on Tuesday, but we are back on Thursday the 3rd. Tuesday families are welcome to attend. "Resolutions" can be anxiety provoking for many of the kids I see, so instead of setting goals for the new year we will be reflecting on successes from 2018. They don't have to be big, and even what may look like setbacks can be reframed to emphasize the ways in which difficult situations were handled with grace. In fact, it's probably one of the most important skills to be learned!

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Holiday Schedule

Based on responses I will not be holding group this Saturday and then we will be closed through the school break (re-opening on the 5th.) Your child is welcome to come to a make up session this Thursday 5-6pm for high school and 6-7 for elementary school. 
Happy holidays!


Increasing Attention Spans

Good morning! This week we are talking attention spans. Paying attention on purpose to something is important not just for work, but for relationships too! Listen below for more.

We are open today!

Saturday December 9th. Come on in!


No group this Saturday the 25th, back on a regular schedule next week! 



Spring Break Schedule

Tuesday Middle School 5pm: As scheduled

Tuesday Intermediate 6pm: As Scheduled

Thursday Middle School 5pm: Canceled

Thursday Intermediate 6pm: Canceled

Saturday Early Elementary 10am: As Scheduled

Saturday High School 11:15am Canceled

Saturday Elementary 12:30pm: Canceled

Parenting Q&A

Exciting news! Ruth Freeman, a therapist and parenting expert has offered to do a free web based session to talk about parenting and answer your questions. This is a great opportunity to hear from an expert in the field and get some practical advice without having to change out of sweatpants. Please complete the brief survey below so I can get an idea of how much interest there is. Sorry but this is limited to current and recent Kids Cooperate families only.

What Are 3 Ways I Can Strengthen My Child's Emotional Intelligence?

Research suggests that people with strong emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed than those with high IQs or even relevant experience in the world of work. Emotional intelligence is also the key to positive and satisfying relationships. And kids with higher emotional intelligence tend to cooperate more. So how can we help our children get stronger in the area of emotions?

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Two Techniques from the East


Continuing our discussion on anxiety, this week we explore two techniques from eastern medicine for coping with difficult or intense emotions. Whether these work or not, it's always helpful to audition some new tools for your emotional toolbox, and it's fun to try to look at our inner life from a completely different perspective.

The first technique is from the understanding of hand reflexology from traditional Japanese medicine. It involves using pressure on specific finger joints as a way to alleviate different strong emotions. Whether it works or not, if your child is doing this they are at least taking a moment of pause before a strong reaction. It is also one that can be done discretely.

The second technique is from traditional Chinese medicine and utilizes and tapping technique on the same points used in acupuncture combined with a positive focus phrase. An example of a positive focus phrase is "even though I am worried now, I will be okay."

While neither of these may be the magic wand that tranforms your child's anxiety into confidence, there is value in the self reflection that comes from trying different techniques and seeing how it makes you feel.

See you in group!