Why are social skills important?

Each day contains a myriad of social interactions, large and small. These can occur face to face, or digitally using social media. Every encounter is a cascade of action and reaction. Whatever the outcome of the interaction, positive or negative, a flood of chemicals including serotonin and adrenaline are released into the body, coloring and influencing our ability to respond positively and with resilience to the next encounter. Some research (Cohen, 2004) even shows that positive social interaction can make us physically healthier and body immunity. Repeated negative experiences can compound into a "vicious circle" but, conversely, positive interactions can instead create what therapist Albert Ellis called a "delicious circle"!

Aaron Weintraub, MS runs child-centered social skills groups with a focus on children and teenagers withPervasive Developmental DisorderAsperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Shyness. Strengths-based approach in a community based setting. Groups available in Tolland, Mansfield, Willimantic, Hartford, Vernon and Coventry Connecticut.