While we may not be able to control the surprise curve balls life throws our way, we do have a choice as to whether we perceive difficult situations as disasters, or opportunities for growth.

Years ago, I came across this quote that has been a guiding principle of my social skills practice ever since.

“Autism is just a processing system, a different way of thinking and learning.”

~Lone Gammeltoft & Marianne Sollock: Autism, Play, and Social Interaction

Recently, I saw this photo making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


What if, instead of thinking about autism as a DISorder, we choose to see it as a DIFFERENTorder in the spirit of the Gammeltoft and Sollock quote above? If we can begin to see that there are multiple and equally valid ways to experience the world, than we can move away from a deficiency model of autism treatment toward programming that respects and leverages the unique strengths of each individual.

Aaron Weintraub, MS runs child-centered social skills groups with a focus on children and teenagers withPervasive Developmental DisorderAsperger Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Shyness. Strengths-based approach in a community based setting. Groups available in Tolland, Mansfield, Willimantic, Hartford, Vernon and Coventry Connecticut.