6 Second Storytelling

I hope everyone is warm and sleeping in this morning!  I'm grateful that the snowstorm didn't come on the usual Tuesday night this week because we had a great social group last night. 

We created 6 second films using Vine (they did not get posted online), which is an application that is perfect for stop motion animation and creates a six second, looping video. The challenge to the kiddos was to use group decision making process (the negotiation skills we have been working on) to come up with a short story and then tell it in an innovative way using materials in the room in only six seconds. 

We had a song mashup between What Does the Fox Say and Let it Go from Frozen, a gorgeous animation on the chalkboard about a princess that escapes a tower, a lego adventure that ended well for the dragon but not the knight, and a heart stopping car crash/plane rescue. 

Here are 5 tips for remembering names that we went over at the start of group, taken from Entrepreneur Magazine. 

1. Repeat names throughout the exchange.

2. Make mental associations.

3. Study names in print.

4. Ask for clarification with difficult names.

5. If you forget a name, address it head on.