Aspergers Traits, A Strength Based Perspective

At Kids Cooperate, one of the the pillars of our practice is a strengths based approach to everything we do. So when I saw that some of the top autism spectrum disorder related google searches are: "Asperger's traits" and "Asperger's symptoms", I saw it as an opportunity to reframe some of the common characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome as strengths.

1. Focus: On of the most recognized signs of Asperger's is the ability to bring sustained attention to detail oriented, linear tasks. In todays specialized workforce, that can be a real advantage and has produced visionaries in the lucrative tech field. 

2. Strong sense of self: People with Asperger's tend to have an internal locus of control, driven more by internal motivation than things like prestige or finance which drive the rat race.

3. Independence: If a person with Asperger's chooses to spend a lot of time alone, it fosters a contained sense of self worth and an independent spirit.

4. Honesty: A University of Notre Dame study presented at the 2012 annual conference of the American Psychology Association documented a significant link between honesty and health. Participants who told three fewer lies per week experienced improved psychological and physical health.


Aspergers Traits, A Strength Based Perspective

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