Autism Services in Tolland Connecticut

Tolland Connecticut is home to Kids Cooperate, which cooperates closely with the wonderful school system to provide quality services to children and families in with  Autism Spectrum DisorderPervasive Developmental Disorder, and ADHD. Services include Social Skills GroupsBehavioral SupportTransition Services, and online social groups.  

Located in the "Old Parker Memorial School", the current Recreation Center, the counselors of Kids Cooperate are pioneering the innovate Social Sensory Cognition Process which has been recognized for its effectiveness by local school based social workers, parents, and the children themselves. 

Prior to the opening of Kids Cooperate, Tolland families were driving an hour for services to the coast and west of the river. Now families of children on the Autism Spectrum can enjoy innovative services here in Tolland! Call to schedule a free consultation (860) 576-9506.

"Thank you for your work to help my son thrive. He was nervous about attending group, but came out excited to return."

~Tolland Parent served by Kids Cooperate