One of the critical skills that can be taught through a well planned social skills curriculum for children with autism and PDD is asking appropriate questions and acknowledging the response.

Ice Breaker: Question and Answer Game (adapted from Bellini, 2006). Ages: 7-18
Group facilitator leads a discussion on acknowledgement, encouraging the children to brainstorm appropriate ways to respond verbally and visually to communication.

Skills Practiced:


  • Asking appropriate questions

  • Eye contact

  • Acknowledgement




Activity: Reporter Game (adapted from Bellini, 2006). Ages 7-18

Children are given four core questions to scaffold an interview with a peer. They are encouraged to use the acknowledgment skills practiced in the previous exercise. The facilitator encourages children to think on their feet to develop follow up questions. For example:
Q: what is your favorite food?
A: sandwiches.
Q: what do you like on it?

This activity provides a safety structured environment for group members to get to know each other, and the transferable skill of engaging another person by asking appropriate questions.