60 Million Miles

When we are feeling overwhelmed, one of the most powerful techniques to feel centered, calmed and grounded again is also the absolute easiest. Just take a moment to be where you are, as you are. Don't try to change anything, don't judge. This is not the same thing as "doing nothing" or "going nowhere". According to Dr. Stephen Russel, where we are is....

A huge globe... with a thin crust of stone... over a fiery molten core....  tilted slightly on it's own axis... rotating 1000 mph in an easterly direction...  around  a mass of burning hydrogen 93 million miles away.... at 66 thousand mph...meaning you are traveling a total of 60 million miles in a year. 

So when you are feeling stressed and overloaded just take a moment to feel the immense power of the natural forces on, in, and around your body and be in the space you are in.