Beating Boredom

The kids are compiling an "awesome list" of things they find fun or interesting to try when boredom first starts to set in. Here are some of Aaron's tips for beating boredom:

1. Recognize it for what it is, and accept it. Don't let yourself off the hook with statements like "there's nothing to do" "the internet isn't working" "no one is around", if you are bored, start by acknowledging that you are bored and it is an internal, not external condition.

2. Mix up your consumption with creation. If you like to read, try some writing. If you enjoy watching youtube game walkthroughs, try making a video for friends. Other creation methods are cooking, drawing, and building.

3. Connect or reconnect. Use email, the phone, or an old fashioned letter to connect or reconnect with someone you care about. Maybe an old friend from school who you've lost touch with or a favorite cousin or Aunt/Uncle who lives in another town. Boredom is partly about isolation.

4. Get outside. Indoors your options for stimulation are limited, outside they are limitless. There is always something to explore. Exercise and fresh air are powerful medicine.