Continuing on our curriculum of self-care for happiness, this week we will be focusing on one item in particular from the happiness challenge, gratitude

Making a new habit of taking a shared or private moment to recognize and name the things we are grateful for will have a ripple effect of happiness throughout your life and your child's life. Here are some of the ways to use that moment.

1. Reframe: take a second look at the challenges in your day and find the silver lining, even if it was only being presented with the chance to learn and grow.

2. Be Thankful: people do things for us all day long. From the barrista who brought you your morning drink to the people who give you unconditional love and support throughout your life, there is always an army of people who deserve our thanks but never ask for it. 

3. Positive Focus: The human mind has a powerful bias toward seeing what it's looking for. This is called the Reticular Activating System. Use this to your advantage by focusing on the positive in your life in order to highlight the hidden pockets of happiness that have gone unnoticed. 


Here is a reminder of the 10 items on the happiness challenge.

1. Smile
2. Write down three positive things that happened today
3. Get 7-8 hours of sleep tonight
4. Do a good deed for someone
5. Spend time with family or friends
6. Write down something you're grateful for
7. Eat healthy foods: skip processed foods and sweets today
8. Exercise: walk, go to the gym, dance. Just move!
9. Spend 10 minutes outside to get vitamin D
10. Make time for a hobby or activity you love