New Year

Happy New Year! I missed seeing everyone in the group over our break but we are back tomorrow with some exciting, interesting, and inspiring material to discuss. We will continue to spend some time each week discussing weird news and current events to provide conversation starters (as well as talking about cultural norms and taboos around topics like religion and politics). We will also continue to talk about issues related to social emotional development, and being an adolescent.

We will be discussing setting goals for 2015. Here are a few of my suggestions: 

  • Lean on your crew- Use our Kids Cooperate crew to hold each other accountable for positive change.
  • Stay curious- One of the things we love about group is the rambling discussions from everything from super heroes to quantum physics. 
  • Create- There are so many fascinating words and images to consume and so many ways to consume them. Try to balance consumption with creation.

Here are some things you can do to help your children understand new years resolutions in a developmentally appropriate and positive way.

1. Model- as you pick your positive habits for the new year. Talk to your child about self improvement and why you are setting goals around healthy choices.

2. Stay positive- Keep family goals focused on positive change. Rather than "stop fighting so much" a good goal might be "find time to do fun things as a family" "talk calmly about the things that upset us."

3. Maximize social connections- Lean on your crew. Friends and family that can be counted on for fun and emotional support.

4. Balance consumption with creation- find a creative outlet to balance the time you spend consuming fun words and images.