A Passion for Trying New Things

Each week in group, a part of the Social Sensory Cognition Process I try to introduce a new sensory experience. Often these are new and exotic foods (last week a group member brought in some Pesto he had made), but taste is not the only way to explore and experience the new sensation. This week we will be trying Passion Fruit! The children are encouraged to note the tactile, visual, and olfactory dimensions of the experience, and to try to experience each one as distinct, and holistically.  The purpose of this is to create the cognitive equivalent of a muscle memory of focusing on the sensory aspects of each situation that give the most germain information. By focusing on the three social senses during an interaction, sight, sound, and space, we are able to react authentically and with integrity (whole and undivided attention). Meaningful social connection is possible only within the space of authenticity.