Power of Perception

 You've probably heard these words from your child, or said them yourself. "I can't do it, it's too [difficult, long, complicated, scary]." At other times you have probably noticed that the tasks you approach knowing they will be simple and easy end up getting accomplished with ease. 

Researchers at Purdue who study sports performance have discovered that athletes, in this case golfers (we can debate whether golf is "athletics" some other time) who approached a golf hole that was made to look larger through an optical illusion called the Ebbinhaus effect performed consistently better than on holes they perceived to be smaller.

Many of the children who attend social groups at Kids Cooperate and have either an ADHD, Autism Spectrum diagnosis have had so many negative peer interactions that they begin to perceive them as out of reach. A sort of reverse social Ebbinhaus Illusion. That is why in addition to providing instruction, we are committed to fostering friendship within the group through the conversations and small group activities and games we engage in each week. 

By getting to know the other kids, and then engaging with them in games that they share a mutual interest in, positive social interaction begins to change their perception of themselves as "friendable". That confidence can carry them into new fulfilling and mutual peer relationships. .