Research Robin Hood

Academic publishing is theft. Your tax money goes in to public research universities and funding agencies, and dense unreadable research studies come out behind the paywall of a scientific journal. This regular feature column will provide a synopsis of recently published Autism research in order to make is accessible. You bought it, you own it. 

The research robin hood focuses on freeing research related to autism and social anxiety

The research robin hood focuses on freeing research related to autism and social anxiety

This week...Autism and Social Anxiety: 

The other psychiatric conditions of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder has an affect on the way social anxiety manifests (1). Because of this, it is important for your child's primary care physician, educational support team, and social skills counselor to be aware of concurrent psychiatric issues. A link was identified between repetitive behavior and social anxiety in children on the Autism spectrum, except for those who were diagnosed with Williams Syndrome (2). A focus group of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder revealed the similarity of many parents experiences. Anxiety revealed itself in other, often difficult behaviors and many parents reported feeling that the behavioral manifestations of anxiety were often more difficult to cope with than those related directly to Autism Spectrum Disorder (3).

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