This Week, Music!

Kimmie Borovicka of Musical Pathways

Kimmie Borovicka of Musical Pathways

This week at Kids Cooperate we are pleased to welcome music therapist Kimmie Borovicka or Musical Pathways to all groups.

Kimmie received her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Therapy from Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA in 2004. She is a board certified music therapist with experience providing music therapy services to children and adolescents with autism, intellectual disabilities, psychiatric issues, Rhett Syndrome, seeing impairments, severe/profound disabilities and developmental delays (including speech). Kimmie is an active clinician within the professional development standards of the American Music Therapy Association's national and regional organizations.

Kimmie strongly believes that it is an integral part of her role as a music therapist to bring awareness and acceptance to the forefront in our local area so that all children in need have this treatment option available to them. She has seen and experienced first-hand how effective and transformational music therapy with children can be and wants to continue to see this spread throughout Connecticut.

Kimmie is available to work with individuals and also in group settings.  Goals are identified based on each individual diagnosis and need.