Two Techniques from the East


Continuing our discussion on anxiety, this week we explore two techniques from eastern medicine for coping with difficult or intense emotions. Whether these work or not, it's always helpful to audition some new tools for your emotional toolbox, and it's fun to try to look at our inner life from a completely different perspective.

The first technique is from the understanding of hand reflexology from traditional Japanese medicine. It involves using pressure on specific finger joints as a way to alleviate different strong emotions. Whether it works or not, if your child is doing this they are at least taking a moment of pause before a strong reaction. It is also one that can be done discretely.

The second technique is from traditional Chinese medicine and utilizes and tapping technique on the same points used in acupuncture combined with a positive focus phrase. An example of a positive focus phrase is "even though I am worried now, I will be okay."

While neither of these may be the magic wand that tranforms your child's anxiety into confidence, there is value in the self reflection that comes from trying different techniques and seeing how it makes you feel.

See you in group!