Weathering the Storm

No group tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th because the rec center is closed in anticipation of the blizzard. Here are some great tips for helping your child to cope with the storm from one of our Kids Cooperate parents.

1. glow sticks  - Awesome for those who have rising anxiety with darkness.  It's their personal light.  They are fun. They can pick their own color.  Heck, everyone in the house could have their own color.  They actually produce more light than you would think.   Hang one around your neck and you have light everywhere you go.  They have a long life time so that helps save on batteries that parents would rather not waste in case needed for more important items.  It also cuts down on kids accidentally shining flashlights in other peoples eyes which then leads to arguing.  Over night, they make great night lights!


2. During power outages, it's a great time to play "camping" or what I like to call "Little House on the Prairie".  Basically, we play roughing it.  We may assign "jobs" and talk a lot about how things were done years ago.


3. Information without overload.  With Ben we need to walk a fine line with anxiety and weather.  The unknown really drives up that anxiety however following the news on tv or radio can drive everyone's anxiety through the roof with all the "doom and gloom" talk.  So that leaves us in a pickle.  What works with Ben is monitor how he gets his information.  Being a computer kid, he will look up the weather on radar.  It actually works fairly well.   By watching the radar he gets information that helps with the unknown but does so in a way that avoids all of the sensationalism.   He can see what is happening in the moment and when he needs to prepare himself for the scariest part but it also allows him to see that the worst parts won't last forever.  He can say ok this is going to be bad but it's only going to be bad during this set block of time.