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There is a special need for Special Needs programs that combine a great camp experience with expert supports. We have developed such a program at Holiday Hill this summer.

Kids Cooperate is a camp within a camp at Holiday Hill. Holiday Hill is a well established camp (68 years!) with a well structured day full of activities such as archery, swimming, arts, canoeing, drama, and sports. Kids Cooperate is it's own camp unit, and participates in all camp activities on a regular schedule, modified as needed with sensory breaks, social emotional processing, priming, and cooperative games substituted for competitive games.

This camp-within-a-camp program features special group work led by Aaron and members of his staff, along with visits to Holiday Hill’s regular camp activity areas and staff. The group participates in full camp activities as much as possible, with accommodations as needed. The group works independently when the campers need a break from camp activities or time to process and recover after a challenging experience.

Kids Cooperate Camp at Holiday Hill requires a free, confidential pre-enrollment consultation to determine eligibility for each camper. Contact the Kids Cooperate office at 860-576-9506 for more information.