3 Ways to Get Through to a Distracted Teen

1. In a world of distraction, attention is our most valuable resource. Demonstrate that you understand the value of your teen's attention by giving her your full attention often. Modeling is the most powerful tool so watch out for those multitasking moments that are such a big part of modern parenting. When you have a moment of connection be sure to acknowledge it and let your child know that you appreciate and value her time and attention.

2. If technology is the problem, use the principle of many martial arts and use momentum in your favor rather than struggling against it. Instead of demanding that she put down her phone and listen to you, meet her halfway and join her chosen methods of communication. Texting, snapchat, Kik, and Instagram can be a surprisingly rich form of communication

3. When you absolutely need her attention, do something surprising rather than yell. Our brains notice patterns and categorize the expected as non-priority. Use a weird voice or facial expression, say something unexpected. Once you've got her attention though be sure to drop the silliness and show her that you value her time.