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Aaron and his team have been an amazing support to us and our journey as parents. We are incredibly grateful for what we have experienced!


We're writing today to share our experience with Kids Cooperate. Our son is diagnosed with both autism(PDD-NOS) and ADHD. He's been receiving different counseling/therapy interventions since he was diagnosed at 18 months and is now 10 years old. Although we're thankful for all that have helped us along the way and know that it helped him to function at a high level for someone with these issues, nothing has helped as much as the services we've received from Aaron and his staff over the past 10 months. We attend 2-3 times a month and not once has he argued or resisted about going to the group session. He really seems to enjoy the time spent there. We have also attended two sessions of the camp run by KC at Holiday Hill this past summer.

Prior to coming to KC our son had many ups and downs. The successes were great. He was able to stay on grade level for his age and has developed into a fine athlete in multiple sports. However, the negative times were affecting his relationships with both peers and authority figures quite drastically. He would often have violent outbursts or sometimes just shut down and curl up in a ball, right in the middle of school or sports. Because of this, he would quite often have to be picked up in the middle of the day to be brought home. This not only was alienating him from the people in his life, it became quite a struggle to always have one of us available to get him at the drop of a hat, as we both work full time. We have not had one incident that has caused us to miss work since we started at KC last November.
The end and beginning of the school year have typically been really tough for him. He ended last year on a high note and I'm thrilled to say this year is starting off above and beyond our wildest expectations. We've received many phone calls and emails from the staff at school about how wonderful he's doing, including a call from a teacher leading an after school media club letting us know she "could not have done it without him" as he took it upon himself to help other students that were struggling with what they were working on.

Life at home was never a huge problem, but that's improved dramatically as well. We could go on forever about the success we've seen and why we think the world of Aaron and Kids Cooperate but we will end this by saying that we highly recommend that any family that is having similar issues to what we were having give Kids Cooperate a shot. We're certain you'll be pleased with the results.


This group has had a significant impact on our child. He is free to express himself in a safe, non-judgmental environment with the guidance of very sensitive and creative instructors. He can discuss topics and struggles with other children that might not be an issue for his peers at school or would seem "strange". Aaron has been an enormous support for us parents as we navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum, always willing to meet with us outside of group, support the social skills goals and objectives in the school setting and be a constant source of advice and guidance in many areas that are a struggle for our child.


The group sessions at Kids Cooperate are so different than anything else we have tried in the past. Aaron is amazing with the kids, teaching them important social skills and life skills while playing games and making new friends. My son looks forward to coming each week and is doing better in school as well as becoming more comfortable and confident in interactions with his peers. We highly recommend Kids Cooperate!!!


My son has been attending Kids Cooperate since May 2013, he struggles with High Functioning Autism. I have been so impressed with Aaron and his team. Aaron has an apparent passion as well as incredible experience and knowledge in working with the kids. He makes himself available on many levels, from details as to how your child interacted in the group settings each week to recommending support for your journey.
I highly recommend Aaron and Kids Cooperate!


My son has been a part of Kids Cooperate for more than a year now. Prior to that we tried several different groups but none of them met his needs. Aaron is caring and knowledgeable in regards to what's needed by our children. I like the feedback he gives each parent after group. I think that very special. kids Cooperate certainly has made a big difference in my son's life. I now look forward to what my son will accomplish with Aaron as his mentor.


It’s been a year since I first brought my son to Kids Cooperate. I dropped off a nervous child and 60 minutes later I picked up a calm happy child. This is how our relationship started with Kids Cooperate and continues today.
There are few opportunities east of the river for ADHD and ASD kids. Kids Cooperate is truly a hidden gem tucked away in Tolland County. Aaron Weintraub and his staff provide a safe comfortable natural environment where these kids can come together. It’s a place where friends come together each week to share successes as well as their struggles of the week. Often times, kids in the group will have experienced similar events in their own lives. The kids find support among peers which seldom happens in a public school setting. Kids Cooperate gives these kids a place for their voices to be heard and their experiences validated.
Although Kids Cooperate gives the appearance of a place to hang out with friends, there is a lot of learning going on. The kids are learning about themselves, the world around them, and the skills they need to get by in the world that can be confusing to them. The kids carry these skills to home and school.
For my son, Kids Cooperate is a much needed oasis. It’s a place to refuel after a long week of school. It’s the best part of his week. He has made friends. He brings lessons that he learns with him to school. He also went to summer camp with Kids Cooperate. It was an incredible experience for him. He was able to attend camp just as any other kid does. The difference is Kid’s Cooperate provided the support he needed including sensory needs. It was a successful week for our son and a worry free week for us.
The bottom line is Kids Cooperate staff is a kind, caring, knowledgeable, and thoughtful group of people. They truly “get it” and they truly want to help these kids.


After desperately looking for a social group for my son with aspergers, I found Kids Cooperate. Aaron is wonderful with the kids and my son absolutely loves going there and meeting new friends! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a social group to give them a call...